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Feline Medicine and Surgery,
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Dr. Kelly St. Denis

Kelly&Cosmo3Dr. Kelly St. Denis earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from the University of Guelph in 1992, and her Master of Science Degree in Immunology from the University of Toronto in 1994.  She succeeded in attaining a life long dream in 1999 when she completed her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College.  As a practitioner in Ottawa Dr. St. Denis spent several years working at the Bytown Cat Hospital under the expert guidance of feline specialist, Dr. Susan Little, DVM, ABVP Feline.  It is through this experience in a feline only veterinary clinic that Dr. St. Denis was motivated to open her own cat clinic in Brantford.

Dr. St. Denis is currently working toward certification as a feline practitioner with the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP Feline). This is an arduous process of several years’ duration. There are currently only 4 such practitioners in Canada.
Dr. St. Denis is an active participant in her husband’s Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation-funded mammary carcinoma research project.  This project studies mammary carcinoma in cats and will aim to provide a vaccine-based therapy against mammary tumors.  It is hoped that in the future these vaccines may be of therapeutic value to both cats and humans.
Dr. St. Denis currently has 3 cats, Sigyn, Mamasita and Nala.  She also has one dog, a border collie mix named Maggie.
In their spare time, Dr. St. Denis and her husband are busy parenting their two children. Dr. St. Denis also enjoys reading, gardening, studying and camping.



Professional Memberships and Affiliations

Dr. St. Denis is a member of:Kelly

  • American Association of Feline Practitioners,
  • The Cornell Feline Health Centre,
  • Ontario Veterinary Medical Association
  • International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management.
  • Canadian Veterinary Medical Association



Current Continuing Education in Feline Medicine

  • International Society of Feline Medicine Vienna 2011: Feline Ophthalmology and Respiratory Disease
  • World Feline Veterinary Conference 2011: Feline Cardiology
  • Lifelearn Anesthesia 2011: Anesthesia in Small Animal Practice
  • AAHA-Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA)- Feline Practice Track
  • Cornell Feline Health Centre 22cnd Feline Health Symposium: Feline Medicine and Surgery






Jade, Registered Veterinary Technician

Jade became a registered veterinary technician in 2010.  She received her veterinary technician diploma from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology.  She joined us at the CCCC in December of 2011.  Jade has quickly become an integral part of the CCCC team.  She provides nursing care to our patients and assists in all surgical procedures.  Jade has a gentle way with cats, which makes her another critical addition to our team.  Jade and Dr. St. Denis have formed a Nutritional Support Team initiative, providing clients with nutritional advice and support for their cat(s).




Amy, Veterinary Assistant, Receptionist and Groomer

Amy has been with the clinic since early 2011.  She has many years experience in the veterinary field and has professional training as a groomer.  She is a major player in all aspects of the clinic activities.  She is a veterinary assistant, receptionist and of course, the clinic groomer.  She is known by many as our local ‘cat whisperer’.  She can calm cats that Dr. St. Denis has concluded cannot be calmed.  Amy is an excellent groomer and provides some of the classiest lion clips we have ever seen.


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